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Both amateur lovers of history, as well as nature lovers will find interesting places and objects in the district of Brzózka.

The objects that are worth seeing are:

  • hydroelectric power station in Dychów built in 1933,
  • the historic palace and park in Brzeźnica of the nineteenth century- there are ginkgo trees, silver maples and  over 300-year- old oak tree ‘Wojtek',
  • the palace and the historic park in Kosierz- where grow 160-year- old: London plane and common beeches, tulip tree, over 60-year old magnolia; the local conservatory palace complex was built in the late eighteenth century, the manor was built in the nineteenth century; in Kosierz there is also the church dedicated to the Immaculate Conceptionbuilt in the fifteenth century,
  • the historic park in Trzebule- in it there are 38 species of trees, including a 110-year- old Weymouth pine and purple European beech,
  • the Piast castle in Krosno Odrzańskie- the castle was built in the Middle Ages, but was rebuilt several times.