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The knowledge of the processes occurring in nature and the control of the forest environment condition allow foresters to early diagnose the risks, which could adversely affect the condition of the forest. Every year they take action to preserve the sustainability of the forest and to increase its natural resistance to damage- causing factors.

Forest protection is a core area of business activity in Brzózka Forest District, the  purpose of which is to protect the forest from damages.

Forest protection includes a variety of measures to protect it against factors:

- biotic- harmful insects, parasites, herbivores

- abiotic- droughts, strong winds, early and late frosts, snow, heavy rains, high and low temperatures

- anthropogenic – manmade fires, littering the forest, forest lands penetration of prohibited access by tourists and fleece collectors, industrial pollution.

Fire protection is an important element in the protection of forests. Brzózka Forest District is classified to category I (small risk) of forest fire. The main causes of fire in this area include:

· arsons

· human carelessness

A large number of fires is related to the location of forest areas in the direct vicinity of towns and villages. The area of Brzózka Forest District is equipped with three observation towers located in the forest rangers of: Wężyska, Pław and Strużka.