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NATURE 2000 Areas

Nature 2000 Network is a way of fulfilling requirements of European Union imposed by 1992 Rio Agreement. Nature 2000 programme is based on selecting particular areas (according to certain criteria) and their effective protection.

In total, Nature 2000 areas cover 19.7% of Poland.


Nature 2000 areas in Brzózka Forest District are:

- The Middle-Odra Valley - includes part of a valley from Nowa Sól to Nysa Łużycka River mouth with the region of mouth of Obrzyca into Odra River; at 18 least species of birds exist  e.g. black kite, red kite, honey buzzard, grasshopper warbler, landrail, garganey.

- The Krosno Valley of Odra River - includes part of the River Odra Valley from Cigacice to Nysa Łużycka mouth and the final stretch of the River Bóbr. It is an important egg-laying area of river lamprey and Leuciscus aspius.

- Lake Janiszowice - lake of unique peatbog flora.

- Gubin Oakforest - complexes of oak and beech and intermediate mires and sloughs with site of stag beetle and hermit beetle.

- Cladonia Forests near Brzózka - located in the north-western part of Zielona Góra Forests, mostly fresh and cladonian forests dominated by lichens, mainly cladonians.

- The Lower-Bobr Valley - the area covers the area reaching the valley of lower Bórb from south to north, between Żagań and Dychów and area of Krosno Odrzańskie. Northern part (from Nowogród to Dychów) is within a mesoregion especially selected for this part. The greatest advantage of nature and landscape is a floodplain terrace which is a mosaic of meadows entered byto bushy brakes and small afforestation  due to secondary succession but also farmlands, small or medium riparian forests and wet-ground forests as well as scattered bodies of water.