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Educational path ‘Braszka' will allow children to meet with a fox, a lynx, a deer, and also check the knowledge and perceptiveness.

Since 2005 Brzózka Forest District has had an educational path ‘Braszka' running around its headquarters. The name of the path comes from the Sorbian name of the town, which was first mentioned in writing as early as in the fourteenth century.

It consists of 15 educational points which familiarize children with the work of the forester, the fire protection, conservation, diversity of tree species, the role of the forest in human life. The path is approximately 2 km long. It can be explored with a guide.

During the educational classes conducted by an employee of Brzózka Forest District children can actively participate in the topics accomplishment. Through the availability of land and diversity of the habitats presented during the trips, classes may include a number of issues related to forestry.

Educational boards placed along the enables easier self-exploration of the paths.