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The area of Brzózka Forest District is an interesting place for active people. Amateur equestrians as well as cyclists will find a place to relax.

In Brzózka Forest District we have a network of footpath, horseback riding, cycling tourist trails. Bronków is the place where one can go horse riding- here there are horse stables. One of the attractions located within the district of Brzózka is Team Hydropower in Dychów. It consists of 17 hydroelectric power stations: nine on the Bóbr River, seven on Nysa Łużycka and one on Kwisa. The most important is the dam in Dychów, whose construction began already in 1933.

To the area leads the bicycle path with the length of 27 km (in the longest version), from the headquarters of the District, through the educational path ‘Braszka', the areas of Bronków, Bobrowice, Lubiatów to the Hydropower Plant in Dychów.

The places with beautiful scenery are Bóbr meanders. When driving along the road from Dychów, passing the bridge in Prądocinek and turning into Zagór Stary and Brzeźnica one can admire the meandering down Bóbr.

The resorts in this area are located at the lakes of Dąbie, Błeszno, Jańsko.