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In the forests there are about 60% of 618 vertebrate species which are present in Poland. Civilization has led to disturbance in the everlasting balance and rules in forest ecosystems. It also affects the animals living there. Therefore, nowadays their numbers, ways of care, and prevention from damage from animals is governed by law, both Polish and the EU.

In the area of Brzózka forest district there are 13 leased hunting zones, from which 7 are supervised by the  Forester of Brzózka Forest District.

They belong to the following Hunting Associations:

  • 3 zones - ‘Bór' Zielona Góra,
  • 2 zones- ‘Dzik' Krosno Odrzańskie,
  • 2 zones- ‘Dzik' Brzózka,
  • ‘Jeleń' Czerwieńsk,
  • ‘Drop' Zielona Góra,
  • 2 zones- ‘Lis' Gubin,
  • 2 zones- ‘Odyniec' Bobrowice