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Brzózka Forest Distrrict is located in the area of historic Lusatia and its history in the territory of Poland starts after World War II.

After World War II the area of today's Brzózka forest district was sparsely populated. The reason for this was the war, migration and resettlement of the population.

Forests of this area suffered during the war activities, additionally as early as in the nineteenth century in the place of mixed forests monoculture cultivation of pine was introduced, which resulted in the destruction of forest habitats. Great destruction is caused by fire.

In 1945 three independent forest districts were formed: Bobrowice, Brzózka, Pław. Within the present borders Brzózka district was established in January 1973, initially under the name of ‘District Bobrowice based in Brzózka'. From March 1987 the district took the name of ‘District Brzózka'.