Areas of protected landscapes

Protected landscape areas include areas protected due to the distinctive, diverse landscape, valuable for reasons of tourism and recreation and due to their function as ecological corridors.

Natura 2000 areas

Nature 2000 Network is a way of fulfilling requirements of European Union imposed by 1992 Rio Agreement. Nature 2000 programme is based on selecting particular areas (according to certain criteria) and their effective protection.

Natural monuments

Nature monuments are mostly single examples of animated or inanimate nature which due to their high scientific, historical and aesthetic value have been under guardianship. The most common nature monuments are the oldest and the greatest trees. In 2012 there were nearly 11.000 monuments and 8.500 of them were trees.

Ecological sites

Brzózka Forest District covers 14 ecological lands of 115.98 hectares in total as well as one nature monument and one protection zone.