About Forest District

Brzózka Forest District is part of Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra. It is situated in the western part of Lubuskie Province, in the area of Krosno District, in the communes of: Bobrowice, Dąbie, Gubin and Krosno Odrzańskie and in the area of Żary District, the commune of Lubsko.

Forest resources

In the territory of Brzózka Forest District there is the dominance of coniferous forest sites with pine domination (93,22%).


The main task of silviculture is the preservation and enrichment of the forest environment that already exists (reproduction) and the creation of a new one (afforestation), with respect for the natural conditions and processes. The silviculture involves collecting and storing seeds of forest trees and shrubs, production of nursery stock, planting and care, as well as protection of forest plantations and stands.

Forest protection

The knowledge of the processes occurring in nature and the control of the forest environment condition allow foresters to early diagnose the risks, which could adversely affect the condition of the forest. Every year they take action to preserve the sustainability of the forest and to increase its natural resistance to damage- causing factors.

Forest use

The use of a forest is the use of its resources- timber harvesting, collection of undergrowth crops, a collection of plants or their parts for the needs of pharmaceutical industry, extraction of Christmas trees, exploitation of minerals and many others. Foresters allow society to benefit from the gifts of the forest, but in a way that ensures its permanence.

Forest management

Forest management in the State Forests is conducted on the basis of forest management plans, created for forest districts for 10 years. They are conducted for the State Forests by specialized units, including Office for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL). Forest management plans, after consultations with the participation of the public, shall be approved by the Ministry of the Environment.


In the forests there are about 60% of 618 vertebrate species which are present in Poland. Civilization has led to disturbance in the everlasting balance and rules in forest ecosystems. It also affects the animals living there. Therefore, nowadays their numbers, ways of care, and prevention from damage from animals is governed by law, both Polish and the EU.