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Brzózka Forest District manages more than 22 thousand hectares of forests. This is a very interesting natural area, rich in flora and fauna.

The territory of Brzózka Forest District is characterized by a varied terrain and is distinguished by interesting forms of its shape.

The forests of Brzózka Forest District are located in the Land III Wielkopolska- Pomerania Lubusz Lakeland District III. 6A

The territorial scope of the District is more than 43 thousand hectares and is characterized by a large afforestation, reaching 53%.

The stands of the District are formed by 14 types of tree,

In the area of the District there are 18 types of soils.

The predominantconiferous forest sites in the area of the District with a clear dominance of pine trees have a relatively small  variety of vegetation. This does not mean, however that they are any less interesting.

With fertile lands, however, there are connected forest habitats rich in plant cover occupying about 2% of the forests area in Brzózka Forest District.

In addition to the trees in the forests ecosystem vegetation, there are also shrubs and plants in forest undergrowth. In Brzózka Forest District there are their partially protected species, including marsh tea, vinca minor, guilder rose. lily of the valley, wild ginger, ivy, Iceland moss or hairstreak, and strictly protected, such as cladonia, fern, royal fern, ground pines: common ground pine deeproot club moss, groundcedar and stiff clubmoss, round-leaved sundew, yellow pond-lily or bird's- nest orchid. Under protection there are also natural monuments which are the most magnificent trees of the District.

The animal world in the area of the District is as rich as the plants. The protected species of mammals presented here, such as European beaver, otter, lesser shrew or Eurasian water shrew. Protected invertebrates are represented by a stag beetle, a garden spider or a duck mussel, whereas among the hordes of amphibians special attention deserve fire-bellied toad, smooth newt or common spadefoot. Apart from that, in the territory of the Forest District there are many other species of animals from different hordes.