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The use of a forest is the use of its resources- timber harvesting, collection of undergrowth crops, a collection of plants or their parts for the needs of pharmaceutical industry, extraction of Christmas trees, exploitation of minerals and many others. Foresters allow society to benefit from the gifts of the forest, but in a way that ensures its permanence.

State Forests are the main supplier of wood on the Polish market.

The size of timber harvest is defined in the Forest Management Plan, which is prepared for each forest district for 10 years. It provides wood logging within the limits of not only exceeding the production capacity of the forest, but also steadily increasing supply of wood remaining in forests, the so-called supply on the trunk. In short, foresters lead in forests the economy in the way that ensures their durability and possibility of biological reproduction.

Clearance carried out by the District is one of the elements of sustainable forest management and the wood harvested in this way has special certifications.

Buying the products marked in this way, one can be sure that they come from the forest which is managed according to the principles of sustainable forest managements.

About the size of timber harvest decides the so-called cuts time specified in every Forest Management Plan. In the area of Brzózka district an annual average of 78,448 cubic metres of timber is obtained. Harvest cutting (connected with the need to renew forest stands covers an area of 223,70 hectares on average. Pre-cut utilities (wood utilitiesobtained during maintenance works) are obtained on the surface of 1.630,73 hectares.