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Protected landscape areas include areas protected due to the distinctive, diverse landscape, valuable for reasons of tourism and recreation and due to their function as ecological corridors.

Protected landscape areas include outstanding landscape areas important for tourism and recreation. In the areas of Brzózka Forest District one can see, for example, a golden goat that is not a mammal or a river lamprey.

In the area of Brzózka forest district there are four areas of protected landscape:

· ‘Krośnieńska Dolina Odry'- a fragment of the Odra valley from Cigacice to the mouth of Nysa Łużycka- here can be found oxbow lakes, alluvial forests, large complexes of foxtail and alluvial meadows, in the final part of the Bóbr River the spawning ground of an asp and river lamprey is important,

· ‘Rynna Pławska'- an area located in the commune of Dąbie,

· ‘Dolina Bobru'- situated in the communes of: Dąbie, Żagań, Bobrowice, Krosno Odrzańskie, Małomice, Nowogród Bobrzański, Szprotawa; the area is inhabited by a type of dragonfly trzepla zielona, a stag beetle, a European beaver and an otter, a golden goat is protected here ( a small fish of a short length- 10cm)

· ‘Bronków- Janiszowice'- in the commune of Bobrowice; there is Janiszowice Lake here (Strużka) with peat- bog vegetation communities

Protected landscape areas occupy a total area of 14,888 hectares.